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I just wanted to thank you so much for .....and third, getting rid of almost all of the chronic back pain I had.  I used to joke around and say that gymnastics aged me 10-20 years, but I was just covering up the fact of all the injuries I had.  After treatment with you I not only have my "young" life back but I actually feel my real age.  Being able to feel like I can move more freely and not be so restricted is the best feeling in the world. Thank you so much again.  I really mean it.  P.S. "I bow to the technique"


Incredibly powerful process that stimulates your body to begin healing!

Predictible! Dependable! Reproducible!

"Peace and quite in the muscles!"


Greatly reduced my acute and chronic pain!

I would like to thank my therapist for helping me to greatly reduce my acute and chronic pain that I have been enduring for the past three years after suffering back injuries from a motor vehicle collision.  During the past three years, I have undergone two regiments of physical therapy, facet blocks in my L-4 and L-5 lumbar regions, and one treatment of  Radiofrequency Facet Denervation for my constant and chronic back pain.
Not until my therapist treated me with SRT did I think that there was any hope of me not having constant and chronic back pain for the rest of my life.  Just after three SRT treatments, I have been able to stop taking pain medications and I have been living my life almost pain free.  I am sold on this non invasive treatment and I have recommended it to other people that I know who have similar chronic back pain issues.  What a life saver! Thank you Sharon Fussell  for all of your help!


"Wow" That is the first word out of my mouth after receiving my massage therapy from Jennifer Sovine! She is incredible, personable, and just amazing in relieving my chronic pain.  I was strck by a vehicle and nearly lost both of my legs 8 years ago and, needless to say, I have a lot of pain.  Jennifer performs a miracle on me--much better pain relief than my opiate medications. I feel so good after a session, I don't even need a cane for a couple of days!  Like I said, Jennifer is able to perform a miracle on me and I don't ever want to lose her as a therapist!  I highly recommend Jennifer for anyone suffering from chronic pain! 


...been to various luxury spas to experience elite relaxation and no one has measured up to the results.....

When I'm in need of a massage I contact Jennifer Sovine because frankly, I want the best.  I have been to various luxury spas to experience elite relaxation massage therapy and no one has measured up to the results I get with Jennifer.  I have been enjoying her healing touch for 2 years now and would recommend her services to anyone.  Jennifer possesses a high degree of knowledge in various types of massage and her precise technique and attention to detail is unparallel.  Jennifer does an unbelievable job at finding and eliminating "problem areas" that result in complete tension release.  Her warm demeanor and caring personality helps you to feel totally comfortable and contributes to the total relaxation experience you achieve with Jennifer. 


...if you haven't had your life stolen away by fibromyalgia....

When Sharon Fussell of Solace Clinical Massage asked me for a testimonial on behalf of Spinal Reflex Therapy(SRT), I was delighted to be able to oblige.  I have fibromyalgia and suffer from chronic fatigue and pain.  As one of Sharon's regular clients over the past year, I have seen my energy level increase by about 25%.  Before seeing Sharon, I would become so fatigued during the day, that I had to nap for an hour or two in the afternoon in order to function for the rest of the day.  As a result of SRT, I can make it through the day without being exhausted.   I can work longer without having to take a break. I can do something other than sleep after exercising!


If you haven't had your life stolen away by fibromyalgia, this might seem like much.  But if you do, you know it's huge.  Thanks to SRT, I am reclaiming my life.






In 1991 was my first experience shortly after returning from the Gulf War.  My temper was flared by the smallest incidents, unable to sleep, felt like my brain was on constant alert mode, thoughts of suicide where prevalent as the feeling of hopelessness settled in.  However it was not documented as such and was written off as Postpartum after the birth of my first son in 1992.  In 1992 I started having seizures which neurologically was listed as due to lack of sleep, however the seizures continued for two years and then stopped.  After they stopped I now have severe migraines and vertigo.  After each deployment I noticed that my thought process was obscured or unable to remember in order of events.  I began to have “triggers” body flinches, anxiety and panic attacks.  Walking into confined spaces or venues that were overly ground made me be on guard.  Not wanting to enter into an area I constantly seek the exit routes whenever I entered an area, this became nearly an obsession when it came to parking my car to seating at a table.  They did diagnosis me with severe depression, hyperactivity, anxiety, OCD, agoraphobia and claustrophobia.  In 2000 when preparing for deployment in Camp Pendleton CA that was when I was officially diagnosed.

Some of the treatments that were given to me were medications for depression, anxiety, seizures, and migraines.  Some of the meds were, Midrin, Paxil, Retlin, Dilantin, Topiramate, Effexor, Bupropion, Prozac, Zoloft, Tramadol, Lexapro, Colonzepam, Celex, Botox, and currently on Wellbutrin. Some other treatments were, Sleep Deprivation testing, Psych Counsel, mental behavior treatments, Spinal tap, Sensory therapy, and massage therapy.  I am active running and swimming. 

The medications worked for about 6 to 12 months then the symptoms returned.  Did a combination of medication and therapy.  I have taken up to four different medications at one time for one symptom or another. Severe side effects from nausea, stomach pain, dizziness, skin rash, laziness, over eating, not eating, weight gain, water gain, hair loss, and body aches and bruising.

How did Spinal Reflex Therapy help you and how did you feel afterwards.  My first session was about two years ago in 2011.  The first time I felt light headed but relaxed.  Each time after that I was more energetic, less hyper and anxious as time passed. I saw Sharon nearly every two week.  I began getting off medications to where by May 2012 I was no longer on prescription meds but on herbal supplements.  I trained for a marathon and continued with SRT treatments with Sharon.  After the marathon I had nearly no muscle pain or aches as previous years of running.  I slowly stopped seeing Sharon after the Marine Corps marathon race in October 2012 due to work commitment.  In January, the symptoms of PTSD returned.  I called Sharon for an appointment.  After each treatment, I am very relaxed, as if I feel taller, less edgy, feel free feeling and I sleep well for the couple of days.  I immediately feel a difference as I feel the muscles release and relax. She is always able to pin point the root of my pain and relieve it. 

Recently In October 2013 I saw her and I had multiple aches, headaches, right shoulder, lower back, left lat area.  After the session I felt great.  The next day I was sore as in muscle fatigue but I drank a lot of water.  I slept very well and not even thinking about it until I had to write this, I currently have no pain, no headaches in the past two weeks, no muscle aches, I have not had any triggers or anxiety or depression episodes.  The release I get from Spinal Reflex Therapy is incredible, I would say that is equivalent to multiple medications I take for each symptom in one session with Sharon.  It is very reviving feeling with released tension and I feel “happy” a sense of wellbeing which promotes my positive attitude and clarity.  I have recommended Spinal Reflex Therapy to several family and friends who have used Sharon.  My 16 and 17 year old sons play baseball and saw Sharon for their throwing arms, shoulder and quad release with positive results for them during their playoff season to final World Series. 


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